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Since when do I realize I cannot live without traveling alone.

Traveling is addictive. 

To see the world ,to feel the breeze and meet your true self.

Reflection on the train makes the world differently.

You have seen the world and people. What you are searching for?

不知道從何時開始 愛上了一個人去旅行

旅行 是甩不掉的癮

旅途上 看見了世界 看見了風的寧靜 看清了自己 

火車上的景色不斷地跑 世界從此變得不一樣

見過大山大海 細草大木 遇過五湖四海的人. 你到底在追尋什麼?


SaiHimology was inspired by Kayson Tam, who is a hardcore pilot also photographer.

Many thanks to him taking me into photography and the making of SaiHimology.

Henry Chan, a photographer, from obtaining Iphone

and handling some technical problems. More on his Instagram

Silfra album is token by Arctic Adventure Tour Company (February,2019).

Traveling Is To Flirt With Life (Lisa St. Aubin de Teran).

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